On September 16, 1989 we started with a unique service; daily delivery of freshly prepared sandwiches, lunch bags and bussiness lunches. 'Broodjes per express" but since we answered the phone with Broodjesexpress that became our name of trade.

Way back in 1989 we were the first to offer the possibility to order by fax. Extremely modern in those days. We were so succesfull that whole blocks en office buildings ordered from us. There were hardly any computers and the first fax form was made on a typewriter and the table was made by hand.

Today, 2015 the services we provide are all tailored to our clients needs. On-line since 1996. All orders reach us trough this website.

We've grown large enough as a company to be flexible therefore able to fulfil your every lunch need yet remained small enough to produce the same quality as that fantastic lunchroom around the corner. Whether the order consists of sandwiches for five at Schiphol, a lunch for 80 persons in Amsterdam Sloterdijk (Westpoort 1, 2 and 3) or 1500 fresh lunch bags on a Sunday morning in Arnhem.

Sandwiches made to your specifications or daily individual lunches for all your employees, workers or colleagues.? We can do it all.

Over the years we've been working on perfecting the logistics in our kitchen from the incoming order until delivery at your firm. As a result out prices are virtually unchanged since the introduction of the Euro as a currency. Despite the fact that the prices of gasoline and energy haven gone through the roof and the costs of housing as well as the price of raw materials have gone up as well. Our increased efficiency has made up for most of it.

With our sandwiches and individual lunches we offer a great, flexible, cost effective, alternative for canteens where fried snacks are not the norm.

A special service we offer is preparing individual lunches. With this service we can replace your canteen. What we do is; we prepare a lunch just for you as we can do for each and every one of your colleagues. When finished we deliver all the individual lunches at your workplace right before lunch break. Each lunch will be packet separately in a paper bag with the name of the person who ordered the lunch on it. Furthermore we keep up the amounts involved in a spread sheet specifying the lunch amounts per person, per day. At the end of each month we'll send the spreadsheet together with the invoice per email to your administration. Your administration can then easily settle those amounts with the salaries. If preferred we can  collect the lunch payment directly from each employees bank account instead. In that case we need each and every one to fill out this form and return it to us.

We produce "just in time". This we we offer more convenience as well as a tasty and fresh lunch. Delivery will always take place within 2 hours from production.

On route in Amsterdam Noord.
A peak in our cooled storrage.
Making fresh salads

Fresh rolls packed separately for one of our clients in the Amsterdam RAI.

Daily preparation of fresh rolls on demand.

Ready to eat. We're comming your way.

We just collected the ingredients voor a number of lunchboxes.

Early each morning producing fresh fruit salad.

Philosophy want the most reliable partner in and around Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Hoofddorp, Schiphol and surrounding villages in the lunch facility for companies with the best possible fresh product at the lowest possible price.

At a time when the food world is getting less "real" and "non-processed", we choose to focus on delivering real fresh artisanal products, products that people can trust. Whether our it's our sandwiches or the fresh juices and salads we produce. We continue to focus on providing food without additives. Fresh from the piece cut on a fresh sandwiches. Within two hours of baking bread to delivery of your lunch. How fresh do you want it?

It seems normal that, with whatever comes an abundance of packaging material is supplied.
We do not count on this trend. We limit the use of disposables to an absolute minimum thus making sure that our operations contribute to an healthy environment in which we live. We therefore deliver always in plastic crates that we continually reuse. is using green power.

Would you like
to get rid of the canteen and its skyrocketing costs? We offer the solution. Flexible, no long term contracts and no additional costs. We adapt our services to the peaks and troughs of your business. Terminable whenever you want. Like to learn about your future online canteen? Call us for an appointment. We can then explain in person than what kind of solution we have to offer. 0624667955


We can supply you with a monthly invoice for the whole amount of lunches ordered or we can send an invoice for each order. By issuing an authorization to collect it is possible to pay per person* complemented with an invoice to the company for their % of the ordered lunches.

(* provided the company sponsors the lunches for each employee 35% or more. Your business will remain at all times responsible for the payment of the ordered lunches.)

For locations within our standard service area and outside the city center of Amsterdam is a minimum order of 12.00 per lunch delivery. In the center of Amsterdam, a minimum purchase of 45.00. Below this amount, we charge a fee of 2.30 and 5.00 outside downtown. A Saturday delivery or a delivery outside the lunch to cost 20.00 and Sundays or at night, we calculate 120.00 extra. Amounts are exclusive of VAT.


We deliver throughout Amsterdam (incl. Amsterdam Southeast), Amstelveen, Schiphol, Diemen, Haarlem, Halfweg, Hoofddorp, Lijnden, Schiphol and Zwanenburg. Larger quantities we provide (under the name Broodex) nationwide.

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