Broodjesexpress is a modern company constantly trying to be in front of the rest. We rather set the trend than follow it. We are a market leader in this region.

With a very good team in a good working environment we  prepare lunch for hundreds of customers a day. Every day again we beat the clock. Every day again we deliver lunch just in time at our customers.

More and more companies appreciate this service. That why we are always looking for new colleges.


Your tasks

Working in our team. Helping with the daily preparation for the lunch. If you have a drivers license and are gifted with a strong style of driving you can help deliver the lunches as well.

We are looking for

A person m/v  21jror older who can deal with stress and who wants to work with us from Monday till Friday in the morning hours. A flexible team player with an eye for quality. Someone who wants to be appreciated and who deserves it.

You know how to read and print email.

We offer

Gezelligheid (not to be translated. you have to have spent some time in Holland to grasp the meaning of this word), involvement, a healthy portion of stress en team spirit. The chance to deliver quality.

Flexible labor circumstances. negotiable working hours. This job combines household, children or a education with ease. Even a small disability doesn't have to be a problem.

A good salary.

Further information

Are you the one we are looking for or do you think you now somebody who could be contact us.

For information call +31(0)20-4972528, or mail to Erik Vermeulen

Broodjesexpress B.V. / Dennenlaan 21 / 1161 CK / Zwanenburg / the Netherlands.

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