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We deliver sandwiches and lunches for meetings in the entire city of Amsterdam and in Amstelveen, Badhoevedorp, Diemen, Halfweg, Hoofddorp, Lijnden, Oude Meer,  Schiphol and Zwanenburg. Our prices are most likely half of what your your current supplier will charge you for. Why would you pay twice the price?

Broodjesexpress.nl for sandwiches, meeting lunches, lunch bags and creative lunch solutions.

For almost 25 years we're in the business of delivering meeting lunches and sandwiches to companies in the Amsterdam region including Amstelveen, Schiphol and Hoofddorp. For a lot of businesses in this area we replace the canteen with our on-line service.

Are you a caterer, a business,  an institution or do you need, sharp priced, freshly backed and filled rolls or are you looking for an original lunch solution? Please stay on our site for a moment longer. You are searching for us as we are for you. Our price to quality ratio is unheard of.

*) Applies only to businesses in our prime delivery region: Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Diemen, Zwanenburg, Halfweg, Lijnden, Badhoevedorp, Haarlem, Schiphol, and Hoofddorp We deliver "Bulk and lunch bags" in all of the Netherlands. Give us a call for the terms and special prizes. We do not deliver to private homes.

Training or meeting? We do a nice presentation on one or more plates

We are not the average catering company that sells filled rolls on the side. We are not a butcher making an delivering sandwiches as well. We are a specialized catering firm making sandwiches, filled rolls and meeting lunches and delivering them to your door. This is why our prices are sharp and our delivery is just in time.

Per stuk verpakt

Packed separately. Each package has a label with your companies name and the content printed on it.

More and more  companies in the Amsterdam region are discovering the advantages of our service and the superb quality of our products. As they should. We produce and deliver top quality sandwiches, lunches for your trainings and meetings and lunch bags. In most cases our prices will be half of what's accepted as being regular. If you want us to we can replace your restaurant at a fraction of the current costs.

We are specialized in making individual lunch bags. With this service we easily replace the canteen in companies with 50-250 employees. If you too would opt for this solution you and your colleagues can order lunch by means of our website (even until 09:50 on the day the lunch has to be delivered!). We prepare these lunches fresh as ordered and deliver them as individual lunch bags right before lunchtime. At the end of the month we'll send you an invoice and a spreadsheet specifying the lunch amounts of all employees. >>>

A full alternative for you canteen. You as well as all your colleagues can order your own private lunch on this website. We'll make all of you your own individual lunch bags and deliver them prior to lunchtime. At the end of the month we'll send the invoice and  spread sheet specifying per person, per day the amount of lunches ordered by email.

>>> This way we'll make it easy for your administration to settle the lunch amounts with the salaries. Both the spreadsheet (MS Excel) and the invoice (Pdf) will be send by email.

So not not only are we charging the lowest prices for our lunches but we'll save you a fortune in administration as well.

We hope that you too will choose for our fine fresh quality and administrative ease and we'd like to welcome you as one of our clients.


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Invoice: Per occasion
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Lunch bags and boxes for special occasions and trips you'll find on www.broodex.nl . If ordered 50 or more we'll deliver them anywhere in the Netherlands. Smaller amount can be ordered on this website and can be delivered locally.

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